The Adventures of Jam Masterson: The Gamer Gogs


Jam Masterson will be a superhero. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t know it yet. So for now, he spends most of his time inside the virtual world of his gamer goggles. When pulverizing villainous droids, doing double-backflips, or dodging blaster fire he’s a gaming master. But his “gogs” are where the excitement and adventure end. Jam Masterson’s real world is an express ticket to normal.


One day, an ancient evil creeps into his life. And everything changes for the boy who wants to be anything other than normal.


Twelve-year-old Jam’s family is non-existent: his mom is MIA, his father is forever working, and only his grumpy grandmother is around to keep an eye on things. He’s a star student at Techno-Polis Middle Tech, and feels lucky to have a friend named Fanny who watches his back. But Jam – unlike his strait and narrow classmates – desires more. He craves adventure. When he needs money for new gogs, Jam is enlisted by a mysterious organization dabbling in real world danger. Suddenly, Jam’s nights are spent leaping over rooftops and keeping a watchful eye on his city. True, he’s basically a glorified security guard, but he’s getting closer to being a hero! Yet even he could not anticipate what happens next. Jam’s world is turned on its head when he discovers a secret plot to enslave the city by a truly diabolical force: his school and the hidden darkness controlling it. Jam must now confront the very heart of evil – more excitement than he could ever have wished for. Can a small boy stop this giant menace? If any boy can, it’s Jam.


The Adventures of Jam Masterson: The Gamer Gogs unfolds in the city of Techno-Polis: a futuristic, tech-happy hot bed. It is a tale of mystical realism that mixes gaming culture (think Minecraft) with superhero themes. Fast-paced and humorously endearing, it is a story about a boy finding the courage to unplug and discover the real hero within himself.