The Adventures of Jam Masterson:

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12-year-old Jam Masterson leads a tiresome, lonely existence. With a workaholic dad and a cranky grandmother, home life is D U L L. He’s a wiz in school at Techno-Polis Middle Tech, but is a social misfit. Jam’s only excitement is disintegrating Wheezedroids when virtual gaming. But that’s where his adventures start and come crashing to a halt.

His small world is about to be rocked.

Young Jam stumbles upon an Internet banner inviting him to join an oddly secretive agency (including – but not limited to – endless donuts). With a single click, the boy sets in motion events propelling him to become an unlikely hero – one who will stand between the world of the future and an ancient menace bent on destroying it.

Jam Masterson will be a superhero. (He just doesn’t know it yet.)


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Visiting author pics from my Colorado Academy visit. We talked about the creative process and its unexpected twists and turns. Case in point: Manchewla starting as a play, inspiring a puppet workshop, morphing into a middle grade novel, and now having another showing as a play. What an amazing reception I received from the sharp pencils of 4th and 5th grade!

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From Goodreads March 12, 2014

“A respected colleague of mine is a writer. Who knew? He often talks about working in theater in NYC, acting, and life on the stage. It’s evident from his doodling at faculty meetings that he is a talented artist as well. But I had no idea that he was a writer. Then he handed me a manuscript of his children’s novel, Manchewla the Gorger

As a librarian, people often ask me to read the books they’ve written. This is the first time that I have read one and thought “wow, a true talent.” This novel has humor, action, a well developed setting, well developed characters, and a tangible tension that keeps one turning the pages. It is excellent and clear that he took a lot of time with it–6 years to be exact! 

The story: Monsters who strive to be silly, friendly, and community minded. Monster reality television. A reporter searching out a good scoop. Monsters who eat pastries and sandwiches and all kind of candy. And one monster who is eating children in the middle of the night. 

I laughed through this entire novel. It’s hysterical!”

Allison – Head Librarian in Denver, CO.


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