Manchewla The Gorger (The Rise and Fall of a Superstar Monster)


There’s an ancient book to be handled with care

Sitting in a library where sane men won’t dare

You blow dust off from the human skin cover

And revealed inside is a story you’ll discover 

To be frightening, at least, but fun and kind of sassy

About a large, foul creature who fed on lads and lassies.

From “Musings of Lord Larry Upon Leaky Pants

circa 1156 A.D. (After Dinner.)

Monster reality TV turned nightmare! Something is wrong in the idyllic hamlet of Swampholm; a child-eating monster preys through the night. What’s really horrible is that this mysterious menace is giving all the local monsters a bad rap. 10-year-old Caddy is an island in a sea of monster-groupies. Her world is rocked when her BFF becomes the next victim and everyone’s too star struck to see straight. Caddy’s convinced a deeper menace is growing and takes on the mystery, making a discovery that will forever change the definition of monster!

Manchewla is a mystical realism tour de force that explores the theme of friendship, regardless of size, color or number of fangs.